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New Born's



Anisa x Laver

Anisa gave us 4 brown marble boys and 1 lynx point marble girl on 6 November 2010. We will be keeping the lynx point girl for our breeding program. The brown marble boys are available and will be ready to go to new homes February 2011. We are so chuffed with these little guys they have their parents out going natures and are extremely naughty. They are keeping us on our toes with their antics!!

Tasleem x Razam
Above is the one sepia marble boy. He is such a curious little thing. He is one of the tiny tots of the litter with lots of energy. He is always bouncing around the house looking for something new to play with. He has already fallen in the bath and had his first swim. He has the cutest habit of standing in his water bowl when he drinks water.
Above is the cinnamon marble boy in the litter. He is a real busy body like his mom Tasleem. He hates being picked up but will come and cuddle once he has done playing. He is the little hooligan of this litter.
On the left hand side from left to right is the mink marble boy, the cinnamon marble boy in the centre and the 2nd sepia marble boy on the right. The two sepia marble boys and the cinnamon marble boy are available. The 2nd sepia boy is on the shy side compared to his siblings. This litter of Tasleem's was born on 30 October. They will also be ready to leave for new homes February 2011.