Welcome to Glimmermere INTRODUCTION :

Glimmermere cattery is located in Primrose, Johannesburg breeding snow and brown spotted or marble bengals. Although we breed both coloured bengals our main focus and passion lies with the snow bengals, the minks in particular. Bengals are a relatively new breed of cat to South Africa.

My passion with bengals began when I saw the most amazing male bengal on show with his kittens and just had to find out from the breeder the late Mrs Edna Clark, what this amazing cat was. With the help and guidance from Edna I imported my first brown spotted bengal girl Sheera Khan from America in 1998. When this wonderful girl arrived her personality just made me fall more and more in love with the breed and I just had to have another bengal.

 My next import from America was a beautiful mink marble boy Aluren Tenaka Khan.  After Tenaka arrived I was hooked. He was the most friendliest and loving stud I have ever had. My girls not only wanted to give birth in his room but allowed him to cuddle and clean the new born kittens.

My passion and love for this breed has continued over the years and I just could not imagine my house without a bengal being part of my family.