The Bengal Family  


Rani when she first arrived at her new home. Rani loves to snuggle in bed just like her mom Anisa.
Rani is also very playful like her mom and dad.
Looking just like daddy in this picture.
Rani like her mom Anisa just loves to play with feathers.
Rani has recently got a new Jack Russel friend. Rani snuggling and mothering her new 6 week old friend!!
Rani enjoying her new friend.
More recent pictures of our little girl. Rani gets more beautiful by the day and still looks like her daddy Razam.
Rani has a beautiful pattern colour and also has a wonderful soft pelt like her daddy Razam.
Being a typical Bengal Rani loves water. She has no problem with playing in the shallow end of the pool.
Rani caught having a cuddle.
Rani snuggled up with Martin's daughter.
Rani in love mode just like her mom Anisa. Anisa also loves to snuggle under the blanket with me and will purr away.
Rani being her lovable self and enjoying all the attention.