The Bengal Family  


Razia being her unlady like self. I have really enjoyed hearing all the stories on this little hooligan. Razia loves Joleen's children and is very protective over them.
Razia is crazy over water. She enjoys playing in the bathroom. She also likes to play with the children in their splash pool.
Razia has turned out to be such a little character. She was the smallest kitten in the litter and the most curious. She lives with her new family in Nelspruit and enjoys her life on the plot. Her latest attempt at catching prey was to try and catch a eagle. Luckily her mom caught her before the eagle did!! She is way to brave for her own good at times it appears.
Razia inspecting her cousin Rangoon's latest kill. Both Razia and Rangoon are very protective of their new family. Razia inspecting the cobra Rangoon had just killed.