The Bengal Family  


Saheim is a beautiful lynx point marble boy. He was a big shy boy. I believe he is still on the shy side but adores his new mom Veronica. He follows her everywhere, loves to sleep in bed with her and even joins her in the shower. He is also a very talkative boy and enjoys having a big conversation with her.
Saheim snuggled with his brother Najair.

Saheim showing off his beautiful marble pattern.

Saheim being cute for the camera and making faces for us.
The boys being their curious selfs and being spoilt rotten by their dad Wyan.
Najair is a sepia marble boy. Najair was the friendliest most outgoing kitten in this litter. He just loved to be cuddled and kissed by everyone he could meet. I believe he is still such a lovable boy. Najair and his sister Sarita were the smallest kittens in this litter. Thanks to all the pampering from his new dad it looks like he has become the biggest kitten in the litter!!!
Najiar and Saheim having a break from a play session. I believe the boys are very active and curious. They play non stop and love exploring.
Najair when he was jounger.
Najair playing with his toy.
Najair showing us what a BIG boy he has become.
Najair in his regal pose.
Najair showing off his marble pattern for us.
Najair giving dad his dreamy look.
Najair having a rest after a hard day of play.