The Bengal Family  


Introducing our new  girl Akisha Khan. This is our first litter from Glimmermere's Anum Khan born on 3 January 2007. The dad of our new addition is Glimmermere's Razam Khan. This is also Razam's first litter.  Akisha Khan is already showing a lovely muzzle and spotted tummy. We will be looking forward to more exciting litters from Razam and Anum in the future.
Rumi Khan is from our second litter of mom Anum Khan and dad Razam Khan. Rumi was born August 2007. Rumi has turned out to be a big sweet boy like daddy Razam. Rumi is a mink spotted Bengal. He lives with his new dad Johan.
Maysa Khan was born December 2008 her mom is our girl Anum and her dad is our boy Razam. Maysa is a brown spotted Bengal. She now lives with her mom Hayley and her cousin Rania. She is a tiny little girl but has the confidence and pride of a lioness.