The Bengal Family  

Akisha Khan is 4 weeks old in these pictures and already her colour and glitter is starting to show on her back. Like her mom she is a brown spotted leopard.
Mom Anum supervising the photo session.
Akisha Khan 5 weeks old in these pictures. She has now learn't how to climb and play. She has lovely big black rosettes on a light background. She was trying to catch mom's tail in this picture.
Akisha Khan once gain chasing her mom.
Still at the fuzzy stage but slowly getting her colour in her face and back.
This is one little girl that just loves her photos being taken.
Akisha Khan caught by surprise here looking very guilty. Her and her mom were very busy pulling books off the bookcase here and resorting the pages to their liking.
This picture is especially for her new mom Ira and dad Nico. She will be joining her new family in April.





Akisha in her new home playing with one of her friends in the garden.
Akisha playing with her Russian Blue friends. Russian Blues make wonderful companions to Bengals.
Akisha being told who is boss in the house.
One of my favourite photos of Akisha looking like a mini leopard in this picture. Akisha's pattern and colour has got more and more distinct as she has got older. This picture clearly shows her large rossettes in contrast to her background colour.
Akisha giving us a surprised look.
Akisha showing us her "wild" look.
More recent pictures of Akisha as a adult. Her coat is gone very gold now and she has lots of glitter.
Akisha showing us her very golden face and big green eyes.