The Bengal Family  


Many thanks to Stephanie and Azure for sending us these stunning pictures of our little monkey boy. Kye enjoying his play session in the garden. Kye has gone from being the smallest kitten in this litter to being a big beautiful boy.
Kye is still developing his colour so we are still expecting more changes for this boy. Kye showing us his pattern and glitter in this picture.
Kye was the naughtiest and most adventurest kitten from this litter. I believe he has not changed!! The glitter on Kye's coat gives him a beautiful shiny appearance which shows beautifully in this picture with him in sunlight. Kye also has a wonderful soft mink coat.
Kye playing with his Sheipei friend. Kye apparantly loves to wrestle with his Shepei friend and thinks he is more a dog than a cat.
Best friends at play!! Bengals have alot of dog like ways about them so it is not surprising that they get on so well with their canine friends.
Kye is also still developing his eye colour so we eagerly await to see what is final eye colour will be.
Kye showing off his beautiful pattern and facial markings. Kye looks alot like his mom Tasleem and is just as mischevious as her. He has his dad Razam's beautiful soft pelt. We are eager to see how this boy will look when he is 2 years old!!
Kye giving his buddy a rest after a hard play session. The two friends apparantly love playing together and will also groom each other.
Kye with his best friend and mom Azure.