The Bengal Family  




Ellie Khan is a mink spotted Bengal. Her and her brother Diago live with their new mom Charleen. Ellie was the little lady in this litter which I believe she has now out grown. Her new mom has changed her from being a very shy little girl to a very sweet adult.




Diago Khan is a brown marble Bengal. Diago gets his wonderfull black swirls from his grandma Tamara Khan. Diago was the real little hooligan in this litter and I believe he still is.




Rangoon Khan is a mink spotted Bengal. Goonie now lives with his new mom Joleen and cousin Razia in Nelspruit. Goonie was a very shy kitten but a really lovely baby. His new mom tells me he has out grown his shyness now and is enjoying life on his new plot.



Caramel is a brown spotted Bengal. Her and her brother Diago were the tiny tots of this litter. She was a very sweet kitten and I believe has turned out to be a very sweet loving adult. Caramel is showing her beautiful big rosettes in this picture. She now lives with her new mom Lynette and cousins Thumpurr and Mewsli.