The Bengal Family  

Our Friends


Many thanks to all our friends and new families for sending us constant photos and updates of our babies this page is dedicated to you all.

Jade Khan was born in August 2006. She lives with her new mom Karen.

Razia Khan was born 8 January 2006. She is a litter mate to our Anisa Khan, Malak Khan, Baasim Khan and Raheel Khan. Razia lives with her new mom Jolene in Nelspruit. Her new mom calls her "Die Baas van die Lowveld" Razia was the baby of this litter but we are very pleased to see how big she is getting.


Raheel Khan, Baasim Khan and Malak Khan all stay with their new mom Zelda. These three were born on 8 January 2006.


Marbles Khan stayed with his mom Lynette and his brother Thumpurr. Marbles was born September 2005. He was sadly lost in an incident in April 2007. He will however always be missed and loved by all.


Shere Khan and Sandstorm Khan stay with their mom Janet and dad Philip. These two were born September 2005.

Thumpurr was born on 30 August 2006. He is a mink spotted Bengal from our girl Tamara and our boy Nuri. Thumpurr lives with his mom Lynette. Thumpurr has the most stunning aqua eye colour which is shown so beautifully in this picture.
Saheim and his brother Najair were born September 2007. Saheim and Najair were from our girl Tamara and boy Razam. Saheim is our first ever lynx point marble so we are very proud of this little boy. His brother Najair is a seal marble Bengal. They now live with their new dad Wyan in Cape Town.
Chandra was born September 2007. Chandra was from our girl Tamara and boy Razam. Chandra was the naughtiest kitten in this litter. His name was chosen by his new dad Nigel as Chandra was the god of trickery. This name sums up Chandra very well!! Chandra displays his love for water in this picture.
Manga was born September 2007 from our girl Tamara and our boy Razam. Him and his brother Saheim were our first ever lynx point marble kittens. These two boys were also the biggest kittens in the litter. Manga was my sweetest darling in this litter. He just loved to cuddle under the blankets and sleep on my lap. He lives with his new mom Maja and I believe is still a big lovable baby.