Tasleem Khan

Introducing our brown marble girl Cassidy's Tasleem Khan. Tasleem was born September 2005. Tasleem is a very active little girl. She is the little hooligan in the cattery. She is always getting up to mischief and when caught will roll on her back, cry and act cute so moaning at her is just not an option. Tasleem has wonderful rich shades of brown in her coat with an excellent marble pattern,a lovely soft pelt and tons of glitter. Tasleem is another child from Glimmermere's Panthers Sahara Sands and Glimmermere's Tamara Khan. Tasleem will be part of our breeding later this year but for now we will just enjoy her being her naughty self.












Tasleem investigating what a ant is doing on her wall.





Tasleem being her nosy self trying to see who is on the other side of the door.





Tasleem playing tag with her mom on the other side of the door.