Bahira Khan

Introducing our brown marble girl Cassidy's Bahira Khan. Bahira was born September 2005 and her name means beautiful / radiant. Bahira is my special little pixie in the cattery. She is much smaller than her sisters but as they say "dynamite comes in small packages" and this describes Bahira purrfectly. She is a very loving cat and is always on my lap as soon as I sit down. She just loves me to stroke and cuddle her and will respond with a loud purr. Like her sister Tasleem she also has a very rich brown coat with a excellent marble pattern, a lovely soft pelt, tons of glitter, a wonderful profile and lovely ears. Bahira will also only be part of our breeding program much later this year. Bahira's parents are our boy Glimmermere's Panthers Sahara Sands and our girl Glimmermere's Tamara Khan.