The Bengal Family  


Xander is our new little rising star. She was born 20 October 2008 to our girl Bahira and dad Razam. Xander was born white with no markings. She is a bit of a shy little girl. She already has a super soft coat and tons of glitter. She has has small ears and a nice wide muzzle. Xander's colour is very unusual so her colour is still being classified.
Xander slowly getting a bit of colour. When she is older she will look like her cousin Kye. Xander is very close to her mom Bahira who retired after having this litter.
Xander at 5 months old with her colour now showing. Xander still remains a bit of a shy girl but is just as playful as her mom Bahira. We look forward to watching this little lady grow up. Her colour is slowly getting brighter so we will see in time how this little lady turns out.