Razam Khan

Introducing our mink marble boy  Glimmermere's Aluren Razam Khan. Razam was born October 2005. Many thanks to Pat in the USA for sending us yet another stunning boy. Razam is a new addition to our family. He is a very sweet big boy. He loves other cats and also loves to talk. He has wonderful big aqua eyes, lots of glitter, a super soft pelt and a excellent marble pattern. 

Razam's dad Belairbengals Incadencense is a seal lynx Point spotted bengal and his mom Artisticpalete Alurring Shadows is a brown spotted leopard. Razam is a very important part of our snow marble program and has produced as some beautiful kittens with super personalities.

Razam's name means king. The king was caught nicely on camera after he had gone "surfing" in his litter box. Razam's best friend and constant companion is a Russian Blue boy Slyvest. The two have great fun running and sliding in the litter box.
Razam has a wonderful profile which he was so kind to show off for us here.
Razam and his best friend Slyvest playing in their run. They found the camera to be a very interesting toy and were trying to assist us with taking the photos.
Razam showing off his beautiful aqua eyes for the camera.
Razam having a rest after a play session with Slyvest. He is showing off his marble pattern very nicely for us here.