Nuri Khan


Introducing our brown spotted boy  Glimmermere's Nuri Khan. Nuri was born March 2005. He is a very shy boy with visitors but a big soppy boy with me. He loves his tummy to be tickled and will purr loudly on his back while I am tickling his tummy. He is a big boy with lots of glitter, lovely bright green eyes, a wonderful muzzle and paw print rosettes on a very golden background. 

His dad is our Glimmermere's Panthers Sahara Sands and his mom is our brown spotted girl Serena Queen of the Jungle. His mom is no longer in our breeding program but remains as part of our family and is a constant companion to his dad Sahara Sands.


Nuri playing in his garden.
Nuri has beautiful bright green eyes.

Nuri looking very surprised to see me with a camera so early in the morning. He hates photos being taken of him so getting any pictures of him is a rare event.

Nuri's name means bright / brilliant. He is a very bright golden boy hence his name. Nuri has lots of glitter which was captured very well in this picture.
Nuri's eyes have got brighter as he has got older. This is another lovely shot we managed to quickly capture of those awesome green eyes!!