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Serena Queen of the Jungle

Queenie was our first bengal and her dad was the bengal that stole my heart and inspired me to start breeding these beautiful cats. Queenie is now retired and remains my constanst friend and companion. Queenie is mother to Glimmermere's Nuri Khan and Glimmermere's Anum Khan. Queenie has beautiful bright green eyes, a lovely soft pelt, lots of glitter, nice small ears, a very light tummy, paw print rosettes and lots of rufousing. She is a very lovable and talkative cat. She is also my little guard dog and will growl and call me if she feels there is any danger to me. Queenie is mother to our Glimmermere's Nuri Khan and Glimmermere's Anum Khan. Sadly we will be saying farewell to our dear friend soon. Queenie has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has a short time left with us.


Glimmermere's Foothill Felines Sheera Khan

Sheera was our first import and will always be my most missed companion. Many thanks to Holly, in the USA, for sending us this very sweet, beautiful girl. Sadly Sheera is no longer with us but she continues to live on in her lovely daughters Tamara Khan and Cenedra Khan and all her wonderful grandchildren. Sheera was the most lovable amazing cat I have ever owned. I will never forget the day Sheera arrived in SA. Holly had sent me constant updates and pictures on Sheera before she arrived. Holly had told me I would be very happy with her very outgoing nature but nothing could prepare me for the amazing friend that was about to arrive. After 3 days of travelling Sheera finally arrived in SA. I expected her to be very nervous after all the travelling. Imagine my surprise when I opened the carrier and she walked up to me and gave me a "hello" head but. That night Sheera fell asleep in my arms all four paws in the air, with her head nuzzling my neck and purring loudly. We were soon to discover that Sheera just loved to meet new people. She could be anywhere in the house but the moment she heard a new voice she would come running and lay on her back in front of her potential new friend. She would then roll and cry until she finally got her tummy tickle. The tummy tickle seems to be a tradition that most of her grandchildren tend to do. Sheera loved to talk and would follow me around everywhere. She loved to be cuddled and insisted on sleeping under the blankets in my arms at night. Sheera had wonderful black arrow head rossetes. Her grandchildren continue to display these wonderful black markings either in marble or spotted form. Holly has continued to be a wonderful friend and support to me over the years.


Glimmermere's Cenedra Khan

Cenedra is daughter to our late Sheera Khan. Cenedra is now retired and was Sheera's first kitten. Cenedra is a lynx point snow spotted bengal. As she is a lynx point she has lovely blue eyes. Cenedra is just like her mom Sheera. She walks and talks exactly the same as mom. Like mom Cenedra just loves people. Visitors will always hear Cenedra before they see her. She loves attention and will like nothing more than to be picked up and cuddled. She is a total tom boy and much prefers playing with the boys then the girls. She is a constant companion to Glimmermere's Nuri Khan and lets him know very clearly who is the boss. Cenedra continues to be my special friend and companion. 

Tamara Khan

In Memory of the Late Tamara Khan

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It was with much sadness that our darling girl Tamara Khan died on 6 November 2007. Tamara was a wonderful sweet girl. Tamara loved to have a big conversation with me and enjoyed sitting on my lap. Tamara was a very big part of our breeding program and just loved being a mommy. She just loved having kittens and wouldl play with them for hours. Tamara's parents were our first imports Foothill Felines Sheera Khan and Aluren Tenaka Khan. Tamara had a very unusual coat for a brown marble as instead of the traditional brown marbling she has black swirls with a very gold background colour. In addition she had lots of gold glitter and a very light tummy which made her very striking with the black swirls. Tamara gave us many stunning brown marble kittens with this lovely black pattern. Tamara will always be very special to us and is missed terribly. Her daughters Bahira, Tasleem and Anisa remain in our program to continue their mom's legacy.



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Our mink marble girl Cassidy's Snowbelle has recently retired from breeding. She will now be joining her best friend Nuri Khan which the two will enjoy. Snowbelle is a very quiet and reserved cat. She is very shy with strangers and will normally "disappear" when she hears a strange voice. Snowbelle has a excellent coat, lots of glitter and lovely small ears. Snowbelle has not enjoyed motherhood too much so she has been in our program for a short time. She has produced us very beautiful kittens with very distinct markings. Snowbelle's parents are our boy Glimmermere's Panthers Sahara Sands and the late Glimmermere's Tamara Khan.

Kiara Khan

Our brown spotted girl Cassidy's Kiara Khan was born August 2006. Kiara was mean't to be part of our breeding program but decided motherhood was just not for her. It is a pity as Kiara has striking black spots (like grandma Sheera Khan), small ears, big eyes, a soft pelt, glitter and a wonderful muzzle. Kiara is a very active child like her sister Tasleem. She is another hooligan in the house. I will normally hear Kiara charging around the house and just see a flash of black go past. She is very shy with strangers and does not like to be cuddled too much. She prefers to play, play, play. Kiara's parents are our boy Glimmermere's Nuri Khan and our girl Glimmermere's Tamara Khan. Kiara is now just enjoying life as a pampered pet at Glimmermere.