Bengal History  

What is a Bengal?Bengal colours & patternsWhat is a Asian Leopard cat?

The basic aim of the Bengal cat is to mimic the appearance of the Asian Leopard Cat. However, Bengals do come in a variety of colours and patterns. Bengal cats come in two different patterns and two different background colours. The pattern is either spotted or marbled, and the background colour is either white or brown. Bengal spots come in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. Some have many small spots, whilst others have fewer large spots.

Though most Bengals are simply classed as "brown" there is actually a modest amount of colour variation between different cats, which reflect the variation found in the wild between different Asian Leopard cats. Browns can come in shades of brown which are sandy, grey, golden, deep red and so on, all of which are allowed, though highly rufous golden browns are often considered desireable.

Snow leopards come in three different colours Lynx point, mink and sepia.

An additional unique characteristic of the Bengal colour is that some cats have a distinct "glitter" effect over their fur, as if each hair were tipped with gold dust. With snow leopards the glitter will appear white instead of the gold which appears in browns.